Case Studies

Morfa Environmental Engineering Consultants

Smartflush is a discreet easy to install infrared urinal water control solution designed to save water. We designed the product to fit unobtrusively anywhere in the toilet area, it can even be integrated into a suspended ceiling tile.


I have known and worked very closely with Jamie (MD, ATCL) for over 20 years when we first designed and built a unique Water Saving Controller (WSC) for one of my major clients.

From the conception we have manufactured and supplied these WSC’s on an unbroken continuous supply where Jamie has been instrumental in the product development particularly in the programming and updating to the latest electronic standards, components and current manufacturing techniques.

In all this time he has proved time and again to be totally professional, reliable and honest and I am delighted that my wife and myself are now friends of all his family.

I am more than pleased to recommend Jamie and his Company (ATCL) to anyone considering using their manufacturing and design services, they will be completely confidential on handling your own bespoke requirements.

Smart Flush

Twinkle Steps

1st Project

I wanted to create a dance/ballet shoe for small children that would motivate them to point their toes when learning to dance. My idea was to create a magical ballet shoe that would flash led lights when they pointed their toes correctly. The problem being that a ballet shoe has virtually no sole and is of very thin fabric/ leather. Any sensor or components had to be able to be attached to the shoe in a safe and comfortable manner. Jamie identified a flexible sensor that would detect the required movement, he then designed the software and circuit board to include flashing led lights as a visual aid. This ballet shoe is designed also to be a teaching aid.

2nd Project

To help market the shoe I developed a little fairy character called Twinklesteps who has shoes that sparkle when she dances. I wanted to produce a ballet shoe that could be used as a ‘Dressing Up’ shoe. This time I wanted a shoe that would sparkle whenever the children danced and was not reliant on how they pointed their toes. Jamie again sourced the sensor and designed the software and components to fit comfortably and safely to the ballet shoe.

This shoe is now ready to be marketed.

The biggest challenge with both these products was finding a way to attach the unit safely to the shoe without causing any discomfort to the children.


Alchemy has provided all the prototyping, software design and manufacturing of the units. I would like to thank Jamie and Alchemy Technical Consulting Limited, for all the support they have given me from the concept development right though to getting the product ready for market. I highly recommend the team at Alchemy Consulting Limited for all your specialised electronic needs.

Yvonne MacGregor – Twinklesteps Limited

Full Development Life Cycle

Preliminary design, schematic diagram, PCB layout, prototype, test and program, enclosure design, certification, final BOM and on-going support throughout product lifecycle, which can include return to base warranty.


When developing a new electronic hardware product you should first start with a preliminary production design.


Build Proof-of-Concept (POC) prototype.


Evaluate the prototype of the electronics. Identify, debug and fix any issues with your prototype.


Ongoing support to ensure customer satisfaction.